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Becoming the 'go to' people in your market requires focus, a strategic plan and the discipline to stick to it.
Strategic marketing & proposition

Businesses with a clear proposition, a differentiated position and access to decision makers in their markets are more effective at winning new business, recruiting top notch employees and attracting the best investment deals.


Packaged solutions and propositions are easier to buy and easier to sell.  We have helped hundreds of technology businesses package products and services that customers want to buy.


These businesses enjoy increased share of most fertile markets, with customers paying top dollar...  Which leads to consistent market growth…  and drives the company value higher.

The Incredible Marketing Academy

Our approach offers flexibility to suit those organisations that have extensive marketing prowess as well as those that don’t and are new to investing in marketing.


We have 3 components:

Stage 1: Strategic planning

Stage 2: Activity planning

Stage 3: On-going management & execution



We ensure a natural transition to any existing marketing capability in the organisation (internal resources or supplier relationships) enabling execution of the new strategic marketing plan.

The Incredible Marketing Network  

The Incredible Marketing Forum is our professional forum that helps marketers working exclusively in the IT services industry fine tune their impact, expand their industry understanding and access a network of peers who face similar challenges. 

The Network has regularly monthly engagement and a bi-monthly virtual session facilitated by incredibleresults. 

Team Meeting
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