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The most critical differentiator in the competitive marketplace is the ability of key talent to continually develop as highly effective and functional leaders, managers and professionals - enabling them to inspire the people and teams they lead.
Does your organisation get the most from its leaders?

We’ve all heard the adage that people are your greatest asset, but what does it actually mean? Great leaders attract great people, who take great actions, which deliver great results. The foundation for every successful services business is its people – why?


The growth and effectiveness of your people drives everything! When done well, leaders and staff are motivated, talent is retained, clients are happy, profits grow, sales targets are exceeded and the top execute team enjoys the joy and privilege of leadership. Done wrong; growth is unpredictable, the business depends on the contribution of a limited few and the leadership team work long hours with more stress than joy.

The Incredible Leadership Academy

Our leadership academy is an intensive development program designed for leaders and high potential managers who are seeking to unlock the full potential in themselves and others.


It has been designed to support and stretch an individual's mindsets, capabilities and behaviours, accelerating them towards executive-level performance.


Delivered remotely over six-months, our program is designed to deepen participant's leadership capability and develop greater self, team and organisational awareness.


Through evidence-based, highly-interactive, practical remote workshops, and 1:1 coaching, we provide leaders with the knowledge, behavioural insights, models and tools, to consciously and consistently develop in our ever-changing IT leadership landscape.

Academy focus

More than just a series of workshops, our program is supported by our incredible IP and provides participants with a structured plan using our incredible leadership canvas. Individual plans are developed with each leader, creating key focus areas for them to apply their experience and learning from the group sessions within their workplace. The monthly 1:1 coaching provides each participant the support to help examine their experiences and refine their leadership approach.

Following the initial six-month program, participants have the option to extend their leadership learning in the ongoing program. The participants continue to update and leverage their incredible leadership canvas as they are introduced to new aspects and focus areas. 1:1 coaching continues to support and accelerate the implementation of their learnings each month.

Key Focus Areas

  • Coaching as a skill

  • Creating agility in yourself and others

  • Creating high-performance environments

  • Developing transformational leadership skills

  • Understanding, engaging and motivating the people you lead and influence

  • Understanding yourself as an individual, a manager, and leader, before you lead others

  • Managing conflict and orchestrating meaningful, high impact conversations for performance

  • Developing your incredible leadership canvas® with associated leadership goals and key development priorities

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Structure of the Academy

Learning and development approach


We incorporate several learning and development methods in a safe environment where participants can explore and practice the tools and models. These include;

  • Individual DiSC leadership profile

  • 360-degree feedback report from their teams, peers and key stakeholders

  • Individual incredible leadership canvas® and associated leadership development plan that the participants apply within their workplace

  • Monthly 2.5-hour workshop that include; content, methodology, case studies and interactive group exercises

  • Mid month 60min Q&A sessions to reflect and condition application of learning and reset intention and program focus

  • Optional add on - 1:1 coaching with an incredibleresults coach to support them in their specific development or growth area

  • Accountability partners within the cohort to help with coaching and support

  • Online support tools and group community in Microsoft Teams

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Interested in joining our next Cohort?


Our next Cohort kicks off remotely in August 2023. We limit the size of these cohorts to ensure maximum interaction and learning so contact us today if you would like to find out more about the program.


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