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Why you need to have a selling system

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

When you have a great sales month (and once your sales people have finished taking the plaudits), do you ever dig deeper to find out what really made all those sales happen? If you do, then you probably don’t need to read any further. If you don’t, then let’s have a look at why you should.

Identifying the root causes – good and bad

When sales aren’t going well, the first thing we want to know is the root cause for the lack of performance – and no-one is going to put their hand up and say that it was their fault. The sales team may tell you it’s market conditions, customer apathy or an issue with your product or service offering. All of these could be in some way true, but if half your team have had a great month, and the other half has performed badly, you need to be able to get specific about what is making the difference between a sale and a lost deal.

And own goals aren't the kind of goals that make a successful business.

If you can identify it, you can repeat it (or discard it)

Knowing precisely what influences the ability for your sales people to be successful means that you can do two things:

1. You can encourage, reward and increase these behaviours until they become a habit

2. You can identify the sales people that need coaching, or another career

A mindset for success

By taking a radical approach to sales coaching that focuses on mindset, it frees you up to pinpoint and directly tackle common sales blockers including:

• A lack of guts and skill to prospect effectively

• Being pushed around by prospects who only want free consulting

• Not recognising negotiating games and discounting too readily

• Inaccurate or ‘hopeful’ forecasting

• Making excuses for mediocre sales performance or deal losses

With a clear idea of what drives success and a clear plan for those who need to develop their skills you can begin to create the kind of sales team you really want; one that consistently wins.

A team expressing the same winning behaviours = a selling system

With winning behaviours embedded within your team as habits, you now have a selling system which puts you back in control of your sales pipeline, and the financial performance of your business. No more excuses, no more “not my fault”.

How do I know it works?

At incredibleresults we’ve introduced hundreds of sales leaders and business owners to the Sandler methodology via our thought-provoking workshops. Joined by Rebekah Tucker, we’ve helped organisations like yours to create selling systems that measurably improve their sales performance.

“Since working with the Incredible Sales Academy, 3 things have happened: I’m so much more in control, we’re winning more often, and selling has become fun again.” Giles Bryan, Managing Director, Contact Engine

“The bottom line is that we’re signing up more business, wasting less time on no-hopers, and doing it with less of the traditional undignified pressure.” Ben Webster, MD, Opal Partners

If you want to get your own selling system off to a great start, sign up (or even better, sign your sales team up) for the incredibleresults boot camp in partnership with Sandler training. For full details, get in touch with the team at

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