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Company aspiration

To become the most valued Australian company delivering business and technology outcomes

Our mandate
  • Create a single vision and integrated operating model to maximise company value and revenue growth.

  • Align eight individual IT businesses under one brand.

  • Define and implement an integration plan for the organisations with their respective business leaders.







Professional services, Managed Services & IP/ ISV


Built/ acquired businesses and invested in building new practices


Multiple locations in 4 Australian states




With each business pursuing its own area of expertise, the overall growth aspirations of the group were being constrained.


incredibleresults facilitated strategy workshops and a 2-day planning process to identify and address the following challenges:

  • Separate values, operating models and routes to market across the eight businesses


  • Overlapping partnerships and customers
    Little meaningful collaboration at a company or individual level 


  • Customer feedback including: “It’s complicated and difficult to work with the group”


  • Duplication in cost of sales


  • Unclear customer propositions across the individual organisations 


  • Dilution of growth opportunities through lack of scale


  • Lack of consistency in methodology and processes


  • Confusion over the leadership team’s role amongst employees


  • Siloed and short-term thinking and activities

Impact of working with
  • Identified the strategic rocks to enable the organisation to operate as an integrated entity with clear ownership, measures, roles & responsibilities and review cadence.

  • Developed collaboration between all business leaders and changed their frame of reference away from their own business and towards group success.

  • Facilitated the shape and definition of the group's vision, mission & values.

  • Facilitated unilateral agreement to operate under a single brand for the group.

  • Designed and recommended a group-wide planning process that ensured alignment and interdependence.

  • Harnessed and amplified motivation, energy, passion and appetite for change throughout the process.

Why was the problem worth solving?
  • Maximize company value and revenue growth.

  • Whole business alignment and focus on the same ambition.

  • Greater return on invested capital.

  • Increased appeal for new acquisitions targets.​​

Altitude of the group we worked with
  • We worked with the Board and executive management team across the parent and child organisations.

  • Engaged with key partners and customers to reflect a true 360o view of the business to the leadership team.

Why the client appointed incredible . . .


Alignment of values
Specific focus on IT market
Multi-disciplined team with appropriate skills

In their own words


"From the very first interaction, you were able to help bring fresh perspective to this business and challenged us to do better, be better. I never felt like we were being sold to, rather that you formed part of the team, and that our problems were shared.

Having engaged, you did what you said you would do, on time, to scope, to budget and all work was delivered to very high quality. You also served as a compassionate hardass when needed, telling us what we needed to hear, in ways that enabled us to receive the feedback and act upon it. That takes emotional intelligence, courage and experience. Bravo" 

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