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I am Roy Baxter, an independent health writer. I have a strong passion for healthy communication to build with others. I have a strong grip on web content writing and contributing on various online platforms such as health articles, Blogging, Health Forums, websites, etc and currently writing lifestyle articles and blogs for Allmedscare online web portal. I also have my own blogging sites, InfoHealthTech and MyWellnessDaily on a free blogging platform.

My blogs are on men's and women health related topics such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, women's dysfunction problem, libido, relationships, etc. as well as other health topics like eye care, quitting smoking, weight management, etc.

My Blogs Are:

1. InfoHealthTech

At what age does a man experience erectile dysfunction problems? The risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) increases with age. Most men have ED problems after the average age of 40 years. A combination of treatment such as therapy, lifestyle changes, and medications are helping to treat erectile dysfunction. So, men can easily buy Suhagra tablets for ED problems.

2. MyWellnessDaily

All about the Female Fertility Panel. It is used to detect the reason behind fertility decrease in the body. Due to a lack of fertility, a woman can't conceive.

Other than online writing, my hobby is watching web series, and traveling to some historical places. That helps me to focus and inspires me to upgrade my daily writing skill.

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